Catherine Contour


I am interested in pedagogy in art and in transmission, particularly through the question of processes and tools.

This interest has resulted in me participating in a variety of reflection groups: Les Signataires du 20 août, (The Signatories of 20 August), Le 22 mai (the 22 May), Danse sur Cour (Dance in the Courtyard), Danse à l’école (Dance at school), etc. and in exchanges with the artists/teachers/researchers Jean-Paul Thibeau, Alain Goulesque, François Deck, Laurence Louppe, Jennifer Lacey, Simone Forti, …


These reflections acquired concrete form in a series of projects dedicated to experimentation, pedagogy and research: experimentation platform, work and exchange session, classes, courses, workshops, artistic creation shops, conferences, installation/protocols, games and so on, in all kinds of contexts from nursery schools to grammar schools, in higher education, art schools, teacher training schools, for performing and visual arts artists at various stages in their career…

In 2008 I devised training in the hypnotic tool for higher educational establishments.



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