Catherine Contour, 2009


My work is built up in steps, guided by highly significant meetings. Meetings with people who open up their space to me and who welcome me to their territory, and meetings with places that lead me to those who dwell there.


My itinerary is that of a nomad travelling through territories of very varying size: a place (hotel, domain, theatre, garden, etc.), a town (Blois, Grenoble, Lyon, Bordeaux, Quimper, Bucarest, Kyoto, etc. ), a region (in Thiérache, in the “Chemin des dames” in Picardie, in Finistère, in the surrounding areas of towns, etc.). My itinerary plots lines that link points in space to an original network. Curious, I follow these plots of a figure that has still to be deciphered.


Creations are built according to a calendar of periods of residency of varying durations, in most cases split up to leave time for the cultivation of living links. To leave time to places and people to reveal and transform themselves according to the seasons. To garden.


Each moment of presence in a place corresponds to a step of creation. Each step welcomes spectators-visitors-curious people in a variety of forms (meeting, performance, performance-conference, Tupperware evening, concert, tasting, transmission, shooting a film, to name but a few). Complicities are born. The work remains open, as does also the door when the weather so permits!


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